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Easy-to-Use RF Student Clicker for dynamic and interactive learning experience

CPS Spark™ is the most recent radio-frequency student response system available. It is backed by eInstruction’s Response® software for simple integration and reporting. CPS Spark™offers an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple and more intuitive to use.


CPS Spark™ is fully integrated with ExamView® Assessment suite and ExamView® Learning Series so you can easily deliver content and receive real-time feedback.

• Offers color-coded and easy-to-press buttons that make it simple for users to answer questions and participate in lessons.

• Students receive messaging via the LCD Screen: class name, response received and correct/incorrect answer.

• Radio-frequency technology allows for a 50-meter range of use without the need for CPS Spark™ to be in sight of the receiver.

• Only our student response systems seamlessly and automatically integrate with ExamView® to ensure that you won’t images, answers, test banks, or data during assessment and grading

• Sleep mode after 3 minutes helps save the battery

• 2 Years warranty

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