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Mobility for Interactive Learning. The dedicated tablet for the classroom

Mobi View™ is the first of its kind to offer a large touch screen that provides the ability to control your lessons from anywhere in the classroom. You can manage lesson material, content, and assessments with the Mobi View™ touch screen. Easily navigate a lesson with the Mobi View™ touch screens, including customizing annotation tools, writing a public or private note,typing with the touch keyboard, and accessing student performance reports.



Students can use up to 9 Mobi™ Learners at a time for increased

participation, and to help drive better understanding and achievement.

The Mobi™ Learners make it possible for multiple students or groups

to simultaneously, or one at a time, provide direct input into a learning

activity without having to leave their seats. Mobi™ Learners are ideal for

the entire class.


Our Mobi Student-Centered Learning Pack™ plays a primary role in

creating a student-centered learning environment. It includes 3 Mobi™

Learners and a docking station, and allows students to collaborate and

learn from other students. Only eInstruction can help you create a

classroom where students work together like this.




Combine Mobi View™ and Workspace™ software with Mobi™ Learners to maximize the multi-user capability. Each student

or group can then display their work to the class one at a time or simultaneously so the entire class can see their work.

• Promote greater student-centered learning.

• Increase student participation and engagement to help drive progress.

• Display up to 9 students’ work simultaneously.

• Allow students to annotate and collaborate in the same space from anywhere in the room.




When you pair Mobi View™ and eInstruction® student response systems, you’ll receive

real-time formative assessment feedback from anywhere in the room. Students answer

questions with our student response pads and their answers are immediately displayed

on the Mobi View™ touch screen.

• Receive instant student assessment data during a lesson.

• Analyze the real-time assessment data from anywhere in the classroom.

• Pinpoint areas where students are struggling, and re-teach needed concepts during

the lesson.

• Determine effectiveness of instruction and modify when needed.