Easy-to-Use RF Student Clicker for dynamic and interactive learning experience

Affordable, effective, and easy to use, CPSPulse™ is the latest version of the market-leading Classroom Performance System™, used by millions of students and teachers in more than 500,000 classrooms. Keep students engaged, involved in class, and facilitate greater student-teacher interaction in a fun, dynamic learning environment that encourages class discussion and participation. Students who normally remain silent in class now answer every question with confidence.

• Capture real-time assessment data to gauge student comprehension as you teach.

• Identify individual learning needs and differentiate instruction as needed.

• Automate and streamline time-consuming administrative tasks like taking attendance, grading quizzes or tests, and recording the results.

• Generate personalized reports in seconds.

• Ideal for secondary school, in any size classroom.




• 3-line LCD screen gives students real-time feedback and makes navigating self-paced assessments easy.

• Question/Answer Types: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, Yes/No, True/False, Ranking, and advanced Numeric

and Text Entry capabilities for greater flexibility in test writing and delivery, including the types frequently used in

math and science.

• Language functionality - supports 14 languages and will allow for multiple language clickers in a single session.

• Seamless integration with EXAMVIEW® publishers content and question banks that come with all major textbooks

makes lessons and assessments easy to create and deliver.

• Support for homework mode (only in RESPONSE®) with Jump/Search question navigation. Up to

four different assignments of 99 questions each can be stored, answered in an 「offline」 mode, and then transmitted

upon re-connection.

• Support for multiple CPSPulse™ RF receivers to increase the performance level of CPS™ and RESPONSE

® in large classes.

• Operates in teacher-managed or student-managed modes.

• State-of-the-art Radio Frequency protocol provides easy and reliable plug-and-play connectivity.

• Available for Windows® XP (SP2) and Vista® (SP1); Mac OS® X 10.4.1 or higher, and Linux® operating systems.




Technology : RF (2.4 GHz)

Maximum Number of Clickers per Receiver 1,000

Maximum Number of Receivers 4

Operating Distance from Receiver 150 ft (50 m) Not requires line of sight between clickers and



User Feedback 3-line LCD

Keypad Buttons 0-9, -, T, F, A-E, Decimal Point, Symbols, Search, Menu

Battery Type (2) AAA

Battery Life 9-12 Months (based on typical usage)

Warranty 2 Years


Computer Connection USB