WT830 and ZN020

WT830 and ZN020
RF Zone Thermostat
Product Name :
RF Zone Thermostat


Product Model :
WT830 and ZN020


Specifications :

Zone Relay Board
No. of zone: 4
Frequency: 868MHz OR 915MHz
Voltage: 24 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Rating:    1 A, for each relay output
System:    Heat pump / Standard HVAC
Fan: High / Med / Low

Room Unit    
Voltage: 2* AAA battery
Prog: Non-Programmable


- Zone relay board and room thermostats will be connected through 868MHz / 915MHz module
- 1 relay board supports 4 zones, 1 room thermostat for each zone to measure and control room temp
- Zone relay board will open heat/cool and the damper of that particular zone, where the room unit will call for heating/cooling